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Dan  Abbott

Dan Abbott

Security Systems Consultant


Dan and his technology partner, Gene Wheeler, offer next-generation security solutions to the maritime industry for both on and off water security. Dan works with clients to design fit-for-purpose solutions that can leverage existing security assets by integrating proprietary technology. These customized solutions integrate the power of true AI with high-tech monitoring and sensing devices. Dan works with clients to design and build systems that recognize their specific threats and send real time notifications to staff, empowering prompt mitigation with actionable intelligence. These security systems are especially effective at identifying threats and anomalies in the moment, including drones, perimeter incursions, safety and security exceptions for critical infrastructure such as ports and terminals, refineries and public infrastructure (dams, bridges, public venues), and more.

Dan is a seasoned technology consultant specializing in the application of advanced technologies to deliver robust security and safety solutions for ports and maritime facilities. As a versatile business entrepreneur with decades of experience, Dan has repeatedly developed new concepts into practical solutions for a wide variety of customers. Dan began his career as a U.S. Naval officer, gaining qualifications and experience as a ship’s piloting officer (Officer of the Deck) on a US Naval aircraft carrier. Later, Dan worked in a number of Silicon Valley software firms, gaining technical and business experience as a product manager. Dan later applied his skills launching several start-up companies that brought new technologies to solve existing business and facility challenges.  

Dan lives in California with his wife and their three teenage children. He enjoys travel, camping and sailing.