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Emma Orchard

Emma Orchard

Digital Marketing and Client Engagement


The creative dicision of MIQ, Marine Voice is very pleased to have Emma onboard to provide clients end-to-end marketing services that enhance their brand presence and drive customer engagement. Emma is an expert at developing tailored and effective marketing solutions that strategically develop brands through captivating storytelling and reaching customers through a wide range of marketing channels. Emma has a broad set of marketing skills developed through her work as a Photographer, Producer, Marketing Manager, Editor, Copywriter, Web Designer, Stylist, and Set Designer.  

Emma has diverse professional experience spanning agency and freelance realms. She has held the role as the Marketing Manager for a well-known New Zealand adventure company, managing many marketing initiatives across several channels. While at Motion Sickness Creative Agency, she honed her expertise, in roles ranging from creative production to strategic marketing. Examples of her work include impactful digital marketing campaigns, visually stunning product photography, and engaging brand narratives that resonate with audiences.  

Emma is passionate about creativity and innovation. She thrives on working with clients in collaborative environments where diverse perspectives converge to drive meaningful change. She has a relentless pursuit of excellence, a penchant for pushing boundaries, and is committed to delivering tailored solutions that exceed expectations and propel brands towards success.