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John  Kearns

John Kearns



John brings decades of maritime experience to the MIQ team. He is an expert in Vessel Appraisals, Inspections, and surveys. Additionally, John has deep knowledge of port management and port management systems including the assessment and management of safety and security risks.

John works with clients to 

  • Vessel Appraisals
  • Vessel Inspections
  • Vessel surveys
  • Port Management
  • Port Management Systems such as (
  • Port Risk Assessment and Liability Management

John is an integral member of the NZ maritime community and has been part of the MIQ family for over a decade. 

He brings a lifetime of maritime experience to our team. His maritime experience began as a young boy and is passion for the industry has not waned. John’s expertise comes from a deep understanding of vessel design and utility, tender negotiations, maritime operations, offshore supply and port management. He advises clients on vessel procurement, design, operations, valuation and is adept at navigating the …

John is an avid sailor as his passion for the water started at a tender age when he and his father sailed from New Zealand to Florida via Australia, South East Asia, Southern Africa, South America and the Caribbean over an 8-year period. His passion became his career which has included working at sea on charter vessels, ferries, super yachts, offshore support vessels, dredgers and tall ships.